ODC - weekly payments on coins, stored
on the platform, accrue to the ETH

Cryptocurrency - as a tool for calculating the
profit in MLM business systems, replacement of empty
points for "smart contracts"

BITFEX.TRADE Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange rate ODC 0.00395822 $
Capitalization 130,621 $
Total coins 33,000,000
Date of issue of the coin May 31 2018

A Smart Contract that uses the technical standard ERC20
We use a public ICO to create a guaranteed project,
which brings profit to all participants

Entrance to ICO in ETH at the rate of
ICO launch time

The amount of ODC, participating in
public ICO in total

A few facts

  • ODDOCoin – (ODC)
  • Total coins: 33 000 000
  • Starting capitalization: 130,621 $
  • ICO address: 0xe7230a985a95236f4f83f4f3d52eb6aaeb5fda96
  • Address «Smart contract»: 0x49e90537d5ef6778fd000d1f05be20134f9f6dc6
  • Ethereum ERC20 smart contract was verified and passed
    audit by ABDK Consulting
  • Storage ODC – on the internal wallet of the platform oddocash.com
  • Web site – oddocoin.com
  • Tokens emission: May 2018

Advantages ODC tokens

All profit of the partner investment project ODDO Cash,
which falls into the investment a "main"
account or an ODC account, is paid in
ETH per coin, stored on a platform

ODC token is backed up constantly a
growing mining farm. The volume of the
trading pool. Partner network of
the company oddocash.com

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